Two Pigs in a Trailer

Is it safe for to walk through a home with two pigs in the house?I wanted to share a funny story that happened to me when I was first getting started in the appraisal business. On this particular day, I received an order to appraise a double wide home located in Eli Whitney, a township situated at the crossroads of HWY 87 South and Greensboro-Chapel Hill Rd, in southern Alamance County, known for its annual “Uncle Eli’s Quilting Party” and home to the late great real estate instructor Everette Mogul. I was looking forward to this assignment since I enjoyed driving all over Alamance County and visiting places like Lake Cammack, Glencoe Mill Village, Bass Mountain, Saxapahaw, and Snow Camp, as well as other picturesque tranquil settings located throughout the county. As an added bonus, I was happy to be appraising a double-wide since it took less time to appraise, and paid the same amount of money as most larger homes did which was the typical $300 at the time.

When I arrived at the home midday, I did the same thing I always did, greeted the homeowner at the front door and then proceeded to measure the exterior. Within about ten minutes I finished sketching the dwelling and jotting down my measurements, so it was now time for me to do an interior walk-through of the home, to certify that I had been inside and that it was in good condition. When the homeowner opened the door to let me in, the first thing I noticed was that she had her stereo cranked up, was drinking a margarita, and dancing in the middle of her living room with two full-grown pigs by her side – I kid you not! As if this was not a sight to see in and of itself, I was totally taken back (to say the least), when she then asked me if I wanted to party? Pausing for a split second to collect my thoughts as to what the heck was happening before my eyes, I instinctively and politely said no thank you, and asked if it was safe for me to walk through her home with her two pigs in the house? She said not to worry that they were her pets and friendly animals.

Having grown up a city boy in Country Club Forest and never been around a pig that wasn’t fenced in, I proceeded with caution to complete my walk-through while keeping a close eye on the two pigs, got the heck out of there as quickly as possible, and went back to my office to complete the appraisal report.

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