Wee Doggie!

Here’s another funny story going back to my days at Mill Creek. One of the little things I enjoyed was driving across town through Burlington and Haw River on Church St./HWY 70 to work in Mebane.  

On this particular day, it was hot so I decided to stop off at the Little General convenience store before turning onto Dodson Rd. to take the back way by Eastern Alamance to Mill Creek. Wearing my coat and tie, I jumped out of the car, got a drink and walked up to the counter to pay. Behind the counter was a young girl sitting in an upholstered rocking chair watching tv, with her mother tending the cash register.

The little girl looked up at me and said Wee Doggie! At that moment, I thought that was a strange thing for her to say but paid for my drink, got in my car, and went on my way. After pulling out of the convenience store parking lot it dawned on me that she was commenting in her own country way about how I was dressed, saying exactly what Jed Clampett would say, Wee Doggie!

Reflecting on the moment, it made me smile and laugh. I still pass by the little General in my travels to Mebane from time to time and still think about that moment, but I haven’t stopped in since. I may stop in again sometime just for the heck of it, but if and when I do, I can assure you I won’t be wearing a coat and tie to attract any unwanted attention.

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